Wellbeing Policy - Crystalcare Cleaning Services


Crystal Services recognises the importance of both the physical and mental wellbeing of its workforce and is fully committed to engaging with our colleagues both directly employed and those with whom we work collaboratively to drive improvements in their wellbeing.

Wellbeing Policy

We acknowledge that the successful management of our business relies on the ability to recognise, predict and adapt to the changing demands on our people. To support our workforce, we have at our disposal robust policies governing their health, safety and wellbeing. We encourage and actively promote the use of our confidential Employee Assistance Programme.


We aim to:

  • Acknowledge the importance of our workforce and are committed to providing a working and living environment which is managed in a way that minimises risk to Health and promotes positive wellbeing.
  • Recognise wellbeing as an important factor in the job satisfaction of our workforce.
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of our workforce through management policies, support services, information and training, and by means of health promotion campaigns.
  • Apply this policy to both mental and physical health with the clear aim of identifying areas of risk to health so that they can be minimised and managed appropriately.
  • Promote a culture of positive wellbeing for our workforce.
  • Put in place a system of management practice and controls which enables our workforce to enjoy a healthy work life balance, whilst recognising the impact of personal choice and lifestyle.
  • Provide an environment in which those who have health problems that may affect their work receive suitable support, and that reasonable steps are taken to make adjustments to their work circumstances to enable them to achieve their full potential.
  • Provide, and strive to maintain, a clean, healthy and safe working environment providing a workplace where our employees feel safe and build their engagement with the company. Through management intervention, awareness campaigns and a culture that encourages employees to raise concerns about workplace safety.
  • Respect the confidentiality of our workforce with regard to sensitive issues such as physical and mental health. Confidentiality will be breached only in extreme circumstances where necessary to prevent harm when an individual may be a risk to themselves or others.


  • Employees are not in general obliged to divulge detailed information about the state of their health to their employer, unless they contract an infectious disease that may pose a risk to others. It is however in their interest to inform Crystal Services of any disability or ill health which may adversely impact upon their ability to carry out the role for which they have been employed, and they are strongly encouraged to do so in order for reasonable steps to be taken to enable them to continue with their work. If detailed medical information is required, consideration will be made for a referral to the external occupational health service.
  • Crystal Services will liaise appropriately with external agencies including its contracted Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme providers


  • Senior staff will receive training in the application of this policy to ensure that they are aware of its contents and provisions
  • All promotion will be in line with this policy


  • We will maintain and review the employment records of all employees in order to monitor the progress of this policy. Monitoring may involve the collection and classification of information regarding the use of the Employee Assistance Programme (which will only detail the classification, not employee details).
  • The results of any monitoring procedure will be reviewed at regular intervals to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of this policy. Consideration will be given, if necessary, to adjusting this policy.
  • We will take effective action to tackle victimisation and harassment and we will always place the victim at the centre of what we do. Additionally, our staff and our named partners will follow all relevant policies and procedures that apply to the service they provide, and will provide extra support through our various assistance programmes to help employees.
  • To make sure people have equal access to services, we provide access to an interpreting service and translate policies and documents to meet people’s needs. Staff with a second language, volunteer their services as interpreters at the first point of contact to help others whose first language is not English. Our offices are accessible. We will make sure there is equal access to information and services by providing appropriate facilities and equipment in our offices.
  • We take a strict approach to breaches of this policy which will be dealt with in accordance with our disciplinary procedure.


Crystalcare Cleaning Services is committed to proactively managing issues related to health, safety, our staff, and the environmental impact of our business activities.

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