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In this economic climate, we have looked closely at our Client charge rates as well as tightening the geographical area that our managers oversee, therefore reducing our overheads resulting in very competitive rates.


Proactive innovations we promote to further reduce cleaning costs include: centralised office waste bin systems, a complete review of your consumables and washroom products, efficient stock control and a fresh innovative approach to your periodic deep cleaning and window cleaning. We also keep costs down by not sub-contracting common ancillary services as we have our own in-house Washroom, Window Cleaning and Pest Control Divisions, ensuring great value for money.

In accordance with TUPE Transfer of Undertakings (protection of employment) Regulations 1981, the existing staff whether employed directly or through a third party transfer under their existing terms and conditions of employment. Crystalcare Cleaning Services will consult with the transferring staff to ensure the handover is seamless with minimal client input.


All staff will be re-trained, supported and evaluated prior to any assessment being made of whether they are suitable to carry out the position efficiently and effectively. There are many instances where staff have been let down by factors such as: lack of management support, lack of or unsuitable/ineffective cleaning materials, poor training, no training and miscommunication. Our management style combats this. It is also possible to change the terms and conditions of contract given the applicable notice, which may include a change of hours worked, the timing of the service provided and methods of operation.


Crystal will always replace staff who produce substandard work having been given the training and tools to provide an excellent standard of work, our duty is to our client and to the other members of the team who perform.

Crystalcare Cleaning Services management fully controls what cleaning materials and consumables are required on site and our suppliers deliver items, more often than not, the next day therefore no site will run out of cleaning materials or consumables. Our management team monitors ordering and controls stock levels providing advice and training as required.

Crystalcare Cleaning Services operates an unusually high ratio of managers to contracts, approximately 1 for every 16 contracts therefore our managers have more time than most of our competitors to spend on site. Our managers are also assigned smaller geographical areas to reduce travelling time allowing more site visits to be completed. Area Manager site visits are as frequent as each customer requires, most opt for monthly. These visits are supported by additional visits from the Regional Managers who set the frequency of visits with the Client, perform spot checks and oversee auditing of sites.

Crystalcare Cleaning Services conforms to BS EN ISO 9001, the accreditation for Quality Management. Our cleaners have a site folder on each site with telephone numbers for both their assigned Area Manager and their regional office. We pass all contact details to our Clients of staff assigned to their contract. All staff have induction training and ongoing training programmes, training records are signed by our staff and their managers then kept on-site with a copy held at our offices. We place a communications book on-site for your use and our managers all have smart phones to receive your instructions by email or phone.

All staff are reference checked, work permits are checked against passports where applicable liaising with the UK Borders Agency, Criminal Records Bureau checks are carried out where required. Other on-site security measures include restricted area access, coats and bags to be left at reception and prior notification to you the Client of staff changes or shift cover.

Scheduled absences such as holidays and unplanned absences are covered by other staff working at the same site where possible, alternative site trained cleaning staff also help provide cover. Holidays are pre-booked to avoid multiple absences giving Site Managers and off-site Area Managers time to plan effective cover.

Crystalcare Cleaning Services employ many differing nationalities from all over the world. Some staff have some difficulties with spoken English and are allocated work in team environments without health and safety issues and assigned a multilingual Area Manager. Health and Safety notices are translated as required.

As a BS EN ISO 9001 company, we have a rigid and approved complaints procedure audited by the British Standards Institute. This system, records, escalates and tracks complaints until resolved and signed off by our Senior Management.

We purchase all low energy equipment where possible especially vacuum cleaners. Our equipment manufacturer Numatic has designed the PVR 370A which has an energy saving system reducing power requirements by half. If, at any time, more power is needed, one push of the Hi switch gives you literally twice as much power. Our vehicle fleet currently is dominated by Vauxhall ecoFLEX range. We also encourage and promote the use of the public transport system. We have successfully implemented zero to landfill waste recycling schemes and promote these where possible.

All our staff receive a free uniform. We provide tabards, polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers, skirts, safety boots, high visibility vests/jackets, hard hats, protective glasses and any other uniform or PPE as required on site. Uniforms carry the company logo and photographic ID badges are issued. Uniforms are renewed frequently.


Crystalcare Cleaning Services is committed to proactively managing issues related to health, safety, our staff, and the environmental impact of our business activities.

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