Account Management

Our management team have been carefully selected over many years to provide the highest quality service in the industry.

We have retained management staff over decades, maintaining client standards and client relationship continuity. We have identified new talent within our company and when required recruited from outside the company based on experienced staff with the cleaning industry. We have embraced change and on-going investment in technology, training and developing staff careers to  ensure that we retain the best people.Full contract support is provided by a designated Area Manager for each site along with a Regional Manager and Customer Service Team. 

Regular contract review meetings are recommended to maintain client relationships and contract feedback. Our Customer Service Team and Management team constantly liaise to ensure you an operations Manager is fully up-to-date with the on-going status of the contract operation. We ensure that our managers are not given too many contracts to over see, so that the cleaning staff on each site can be fully supported and monitored. Our account management  is based on clear communications, regular service and contract review, and rapid response to service priority issues.

We provide 2 key services

Daily & Window Cleaning
Pest Control & Bird Control

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